Chapter 28/ Advanced Mixing Techniques | Bass

Many people love the thundering basses of, for example, Massive Attack, James Blake, FKA Twigs or those in hip-hop, dub and reggae. Contrary to what you might expect, the total amount of bass in these productions is roughly the same as in other music! Chapter 28 tells you how to achieve big bass in your own productions.


Chapter 30/ Advanced Mixing Techniques | Vocals

Without doubt, reverb and delay are the most popular effects when it comes to vocals. Although the harmonizer effect is lesser known, it has influenced the sound of pop music since the 70s. In a way, it is the secret weapon of many mix engineers. The earliest harmonizers are from Eventide: the H910 and H949. The latter can be heard on the intro piano of David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes:"


Just a little later, British manufacturer AMS introduced that other famous harmonizer/delay/sampler: the DMX1580S. The AMS can be heard on vocals and percussion on "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.