Music Production Pro

Music Production

Learn how to Record, Mix and Master Music

We're all able to record music; a smartphone will get you quick results. But for a good sound, a lot more is involved. Acoustics, microphone placement and effects, have a huge influence on the resulting sound.

“Music Production” will teach you how to record, mix and master music. It tells you not only the how, but also the why; it is both a practical and deep source of information.

Jam-packed with hundreds of tips and techniques for both the starting and advanced music producer, this is your must-have guide.

Music Production

Recording | Basic Mixing Techniques | Advanced Mixing Techniques| Mastering


  • How do you record typical pop instruments like drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals et cetera?
  • What gear do you need, what items should you spend money on?
  • How do you get the most from musicians performing in the studio?
  • Top-3s of the best mics for the job, including budget options.


  • Learn how to apply EQ for balance and separation
  • How can you support the song's development in the mix?
  • Learn how the pro's apply compression, saturation and distortion for mixes that engage
  • Common mix mistakes (and how to solve them)


  • What is mastering? Learn how to master in-the-box.
  • Learn how to set goals for mastering
  • Learn how to achieve tonal balance for your master to be
  • Reveals the secrets on how to produce loud masters
  • Or is 10 better than 11?
Get the answer to questions like:
How can you improve the acoustics of your studio?
How can you get a good sound despite poor monitoring conditions?
How do you choose speakers, and can you make good mixes on headphones?
Which microphones did they use on classic recordings?
What's the best microphone techniques?
What exactly is the sound of analog?
Which vintage devices are truly classic and which oddities do they have?
How can you apply effects like delay and reverb in a refined fashion?
3rd edition | 384 pages | full color | hundreds of illustrations | comprehensive index

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For popular DAWs

Powerful techniques, hidden functions and shortcuts shown on Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro. Clearly explained, easy to follow.

Top-3 Plugins

Includes Top-3 listings for every job imaginable. What's the best EQ for vocals? What's the best compressor for vocals? Et cetera. Top-3s allow instant switching to good alternatives.

Must-have Guide

Educational institutions, conservatories and audio courses use "Music Production" as a curriculum: it is aimed at both beginners and the advanced.

Extra content

How can a book about music production ever be complete without that intriguing substance it writes about? That's where musicproduction-pro has got you covered.

Per chapter, this page contains tutorial videos, links to relevant Spotify tracks, and interesting videos.

Free PlugIns

Good, free plugins for Mac and PC

Although specific applications may require commercial plugins, many day to day tasks can be accomplished perfectly well with free plugins. But there's hundreds on offer nowadays.

Which ones are the true gems?
Musicproduction-pro not only selects the best, but also helps you get started with them.

About the author

Hans Weekhout (1965) is one of the best-known names in the Dutch studio scene.

Besides collaborating with countless Dutch artists, he has worked with international artists like Prince, Falco and Girls Aloud.

Under the moniker of Capricorn he scored a worldwide hit with the dance track 20Hz.

As a lecturer at the Pop-department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam, he teaches his students the intricacies of music production.

In case you're interested in Hans Weekhout mixing or mastering your music, head over to his website (currently in Dutch only).